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Treatment Methods

Dr. Smith uses "specific prone," a light, gentle, and comfortable technique.

Facts About Chiropractic

The doctor of chiropractic analyzes your body for vertebral subluxation, a severe form of spine and nerve stress, using his/her hands and other analysis tools, and then corrects or removes any spinal nerve stress using various spinal adjustment techniques.

Subluxations come from stress. It may occur from infancy from a difficult birth or from childhood falls. Later in life, emotional tension or stress can gradually damage your spine or violent injuries from automobile accidents or sports can suddenly knock you “out of whack”.

Nearly everyone eventually gets spinal nerve stress and so is affected by subluxations. It is a “hidden epidemic” and it is for that reason that we all need to have our spines checked for this condition by a doctor of chiropractic every once in a while, just as we get our eyes, teeth and blood pressure checked!

The first chiropractic patient treated was in 1895. Dr. D.D. Palmer performed the first chiropractic “spinal adjustment” on his deaf janitor, Harvey Lillard. Lillard’s hearing returned and

Palmer thought he had discovered a cure for deafness. But as patients with digestive troubles, sciatica, menstrual trouble, migraine headaches, epilepsy, heart problems, back pain and many other conditions responded to spinal care, Palmer realized that he had discovered something more far-reaching indeed.

Chiropractors perform treatments by working with the bones and nerves of the spinal column and spinal cord respectively. Chiropractors spend years of highly specialized training in order to locate where misplaced spinal vertebrae are impinging the nerves which travel down the spinal cord and out through the spinal column to the muscles, organs and glands of the body. After locating the vertebrae impinging the nerves (subluxations) the chiropractor, using various highly specialized techniques, is able to replace the misplaced vertebrae and thus release pressure on the nerves. That is called a spinal adjustment.



“WOW, my sinuses cleared before I even got off the table! Karen F.

“After just one treatment, I can straighten my knee again! I’m definitely coming back!” Joy M.

“WOW, thank you for fixing my baby!!!” Darbie B.

“That man is a miracle worker!” Nate M.

I haven’t had to take any allergy shots since I’ve started coming here! Jill P.

“ I wish all my friends did this- Dr. Smith has done more for me than any pill could ever touch!” Juanita G.

“ I had two cysts on my thyroid and when I went back to my follow up appointment they were gone!” Megan B.

“ I couldn’t move my neck and my LBP was terrible- I couldn’t even stitch anymore which I love but now, I can stitch for as long as I want.” Shirley W.

“ I never thought I was going to walk normal again…I even forgot what it felt’s an amazing feeling to actually walk again!” Lajaine H.

I am Dimble and I am an RN having severe TMJ issues and pain (one point I couldn’t even open my mouth). I came to Dr. Smith ( pretty much tears in my eyes). The same time he told me that he will fix the problem. Today I am completely alright, never had TMJ since after. Thank you Dr. Smith for such a wonderful care and healing powers. Dimble K.

“ I turned 89 in October and I couldn’t stand up straight. Now I can stand up completely straight, comfortably, and my balance for Tai Cho is so much better.” Wes N.

“ I just turned 52 and I feel better than I have in 10 years!” Brenda D.

“ The pain in my hand was crippling every morning for the past year..after 1 treatment, I woke up this morning and it feels completely normal!” Andrea Z.

I could barely breathe and I was coughing a lot. Now, after 1 treatment, I’m feeling great and breathing great!! –Blake A.

I quit soccer when I was 6 because of asthma. After I started seeing Dr. Smith, I was finally able to stop using my inhaler and started soccer again in High School… no problem with asthma!! - Hunter H.

Doc, my sinuses have not felt this good in two years! - Blake A.

I never knew how many aches and pains I had until they started disappearing! – Marilyn H.

My low back is better, my leg is better, and the circulation in my foot is better… all since last week! – Shirley W.

I was up all night with a migraine and after 1 treatment it was gone by the time I walked out! –Suzie S.

Thank you Dr. Smith, ever since you fixed my restless leg syndrome I’ve been sleeping fantastic! – Janette R.

I couldn’t swallow, my throat hurt so bad! After the first treatment, that night I felt great! –Tracee H.

I was going downhill and you completely turned me around! – Frances C.

I had extreme pain in my foot for weeks. After one treatment with Dr. Smith, the pain was completely gone! Jennifer L.

I drove to San Antonio and back and thought for sure I would be sore the next day, but I wasn’t! - Marilyn H.

I was told that I would never be able to run again but now I’m running! It is so joyous! Thank you Dr. James! –Carolyn A.

My headache was so bad that I was getting ready to go to the ER after I came to Dr. Smith. After I left his office, the headache went away immediately and didn’t comeback. – Rachel T.

Had a pain in her jaw, one hour after treatment Wow it was amazing! I could barely move my jaw and after chiropractic, I haven’t had jaw pain again. -Joy M.

I’m able to exercise more and breathe better! Patrick T.

I feel like a whole new person! I have so much more energy and have gained so many more hours to my day! I’ve gained a whole new leash on life! - Lana E.

I feel 5 years younger! –Sharon Dunne

Thanks to Dr James my daughter can now have dairy. Two birthday parties this weekend and she got to have cake and ice cream too! – Heather H

I was having swelling in both of my ankles and after being treated by Dr. Smith it was completely back to normal! Margie D.

I had extreme rib pain and hadn’t experienced that kind of pain since I was pregnant, but after one treatment from Dr. Smith, I walked out with no discomfort at all! - Michele C.

I had been suffering from a cough and chest pain, but after being treated by Dr. Smith I was able to take my first deep breath in months! - David L.

It is my absolute honor to share my healing experience with Dr. Smith.  Just a few months ago I was feeling tired and discouraged, wanting to be truly healthy after taking medication for high blood pressure for many years.  Stress had taken a heavy toll and I just felt deeply that it was time for things to change, time to stop blindly accepting that I would have to continue relying on prescribed medication year after year to be "healthy". I have always believed deep down that if we trust ourselves and seek out ways to maintain our health as naturally as possible, that we are capable of making our own decisions. Unfortunately, we are conditioned to believe that we are not capable and that others must make these decisions for us. For many years, and against my better judgment, this was the case for me. When I was ready to make new choices I was fortunate to hear about Dr. Smith and decided to see if it would be possible to find a medication- free solution to my high blood pressure.

From my first visit to Dr. Smith I have felt completely confident that I had made the best possible decision for my health. Dr. Smith set a course of treatment for bringing my blood pressure under control that involved guiding my body back to a healthy state in a natural all-inclusive manner using both chiropractic and needle less acupuncture. His expert knowledge and quiet confidence made each visit a pleasure and any other problems I encountered were treated as well. He has always taken time to answer any questions thoroughly. 

Now after just a few months of treatment, I can say that I feel stronger and healthier than I have in many years and now, at age 62, I take no prescribed medication of any kind.  I have learned firsthand that the natural treatments of chiropractic and acupuncture can heal a broad spectrum of illnesses.

I am so grateful to Dr. Smith for such expert care. His confidence and extensive knowledge combined with kindness and sincerity have made all the difference to me.  I would be remiss not to mention how wonderful his staff, RuthAnn and Jami are.  They are kind, extremely efficient, and absolutely delightful.  Jane G.

Dr. Smith has been a phenomenal help to my son Dylan!  Dylan struggled with acid reflux and colic almost from the beginning.  At 1 week old he had an ultrasound on his belly to rule out pyloric stenosis and we discovered he was having approximately 3 bouts of reflux every 10 minutes!  Needless to say he was extremely difficult to breastfeed and was quite a cranky infant!  His pediatrician put him on medication for his reflux when he was just over a week old.  We saw some improvement with the medication, but it was minimal.  Finally, at 6 months old, I took Dylan to see Dr. Smith and the results were amazing!  He stopped projectile vomitting from his reflux almost immediately.  Dylan started eating better, sleeping better and was smiling from ear to ear after his treatments.  It was almost as if I had a different baby!  Dylan is now 16 months old and sees Dr. Smith at least once a week....and still to this day leaves his treatments smiling ear to ear!  I would recommend Dr. Smith to any mother with an infant struggling with acid reflux or colic.  It has made a huge difference for me and my son! Heidi M.

I can tell you that I have enjoyed chiropractic care for many years of my life but never knew how great it could be.  Guess it is the acupuncture that really makes the difference.  When I started seeing Dr. Smith is was for the constant pain I had in my neck and shoulders.  It was amazing, after a few visits, each visit got better and better.  Now when I go, I walk out feeling that the thick blood in my head is thin and really racing.  It is great! I have had problems with my right knee for several years, you know bone on bone.  I told Dr. James I was thinking of a knee replacement.  He asked for a chance to see what he could do.  That was a year ago and I am still walking on the knee that God gave me.  Now that is wonderful! He has also helped me with allergy/sinus problems and really bad lung problems.  I tell you if you can identify a problem you ought to give Dr. Smith a shot.  He is great! Nan W.

In October of 2009 I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. After beginning 8 rounds of Chemo, I had some friends suggest Dr. Smith to help my fatigue and just to help me feel better. I started seeing Dr. Smith on Feb 22nd, 2010 and WOW!!!  What a difference! Now I see him 3 times a week. I am not so tired anymore. I can walk more without getting so run down and I sleep much better. I am waiting for even more miracles to happen! I'm so glad I was referred to him! Doneva H.

 Dr. Smith has fixed my back pains.  I am a retired Air Force individual with 20 years service on fighter aircraft.  With the fact that my back pain had me pinned to the chair and could not do normal yardwork or housework.  I could not do anything that lasted more than fifteen minutes of standing. I was so bad that I would not walk any further than I had to.  At work I was always sitting and not standing.  Not really checking the students the way it should have been.  But since Dr. Smith has treated me, and it has only been four treatments, I have now been doing yard work.  I can do the tasks of lifting, vacuuming, and normal housework. Being an instructor with the airforce I am needed to stand and check the students work and I am capable of teaching better than I have in years (I've been teaching for fifteen years for the Air Force). Stanley G.- Fundies Instructor

Over two years ago I was in 2 accidents inside of a year.  I have lived life everyday battling some kind of neck or back discomfort.  However, since I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture from Dr. Smith, not only has my condition improved, but I have more energy, am sleeping better and my overall health is better.  Thank you Dr. Smith for giving me my life back!   Sincerely,   Ann H.



"When you have 750 Million people and it has been working for 5,000 years, there must be something to it." 

 Q:  What is Acupuncture

A:  Acupuncture is a 5,000 year old Chinese system of natural healing (no surgery), which is concerned with restoring proper energy flow to the various organs, glands and tissues of the body on the premise that most diseases are the result of malfunction due to disrupted energies.

Q:  Where does the interruption of energy flow occur?

A:  In either or both locations:  

 Q: Are there other causes of disease besides those associated with the interference of the transmission of energy flow?

A:  Yes, of course.  Psychosomatic states, hereditary factors, poisons, adverse environmental conditions, injury, germs, malnutrition, etc..., are all disease producing. 

Q:  How do you detect the disturbance in the energy flow within a patient?

A:  By many methods, including certain signs, symptoms, pain spots, organ reflex points, and by pulse or instrumental findings 

Q:  Assuming I'm going to take acupuncture treatments, how are they performed?

A:  First, the related skin points are determined.  Then they are appropriately treated by one of over thirty methods of stimulation some of which are:  

Note:  The most common techniques used within our office is:  Electrical Stimulation, and or Finger Tip Pressure.  This is because these techniques are practically painless, there is no blood, no danger of infection, and results are equal to, if not better than other techniques.

 Q:  What are some of the conditions commonly treated by acupuncture?

A:  Textbook listed conditions run into the hundreds.  Typical ailments usually responding to acupuncture health care includes:   neuralgias, headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, tics, spasms, muscular rheumatism, neuralgia of the shoulders and arm, tennis elbow, osteoarthritis, ulcers, stomach problems, diarrhea, hepatitis, asthma, bronchitis, shortness of breath, coughs, certain types of heart trouble, abnormal blood pressure, hemorrhoids, bladder irritation, bed wetting, certain kidney problems, female disorders, impotence, weak eyesight, hay fever, loss of smell, tonsillitis, loss of hearing, skin conditions, and even nervous or psychiatric factors based on the fact that often mental problems arise from physical disorders. 

 Q:  Out of, say, 10 patients accepted for acupuncture health care, how many usually respond favorably?

A:  On the average, 8. Two out of ten fail to respond favorably for a variety of reasons.  Advanced age, severity of the condition, irreversible tissue damage, etc., are deterrents to recovery. 

Q:  Are spinal adjusting treatments necessary with acupuncture?

A:  Absolutely.  Spinal adjusting is part of the acupuncture health care.  World authorities, including Feliz Mann, M.D. of England; Paul Nogier, M.D. of France, and Kunzo Nagaymama, M.D. of Japan are very emphatic on this aspect of "getting well."  Dr. Mann states that many internal diseases are cured by the spinal adjustments alone.  Leaving the adjustment (chiropractic) out of the treatment plan invites failure.

Q:  Does acupuncture have another name?

A:  Yes.  In fact the word acupuncture is incorrect because it implies needles only.  The proper wording is "Meridian Therapy."  It was named "acupuncture" in the 16th century by Portuguese sailors who knew no better.  The wrong name stuck.

Q:  In Acupuncture (Meridian Therapy) are there other significant factors besides skin point stimulation and vertebral adjusting?

A:  Yes, there are four laws to obey for those who desire health and longevity:


Insurance Information

Most insurance plans are accepted in our office. Listed on this page are some of the insurance companies we accept. If you do not see your insurance provider listed, or are unsure of your coverage, do not hesitate to call or email us with any insurance questions.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, Master Medical, Aetna, HAP, PPOM, United Health Care, and most others.



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